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UPDATE for Fall 2015: Due to the number of submissions received and the number of editors on our staff this semester, please expect to hear from the Journal no later than mid-December about the status of your submission instead of mid-November, as promised earlier.  Please do not email the Journal with questions or concerns about the status of your submission, as our only response would be that your paper is currently being reviewed by our editors.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Call for Papers: Spring 2016 Issue

Professors, graduate students, and administrators: Please distribute this upcoming publication opportunity widely.

SPRING DEADLINE: February 7, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time

The UC Berkeley Comparative Literature Undergraduate Journal (CLUJ) welcomes submissions for its Spring 2016 issue. We invite papers from those working in, around, or critically engaging with literary topics in a comparative nature, broadly construed. Possible topics include but are not limited to:

  • Interdisciplinary research across disciplines within the arts and sciences (e.g. literature and philosophy, literature and history, literature and science, literature and media, etc.)
  • Research engaging with literary theory and ‘schools of criticism’ (e.g. gender studies and queer theory, postmodernism, cultural studies, Frankfurt School and critical theory, structuralism and semiotics, psychoanalysis, animal studies, etc.)
  • Articles comparing at least two authors or texts, print and/or media

CLUJ provides undergraduate students around the world the opportunity to publish and share their research with an international audience.  The Journal was founded by a Comparative Literature undergraduate student in 2011 and has since been recognized as a premier undergraduate journal featuring top peer-reviewed, undergraduate research in Comparative Literature.

Submission Guidelines:

The essay itself (excluding any graphics or images, footnotes, list of references, and abstract) must be between 16 and 60 pages in length, adhering to the stylistic and bibliographic requirements of the MLA format.  Essays MUST be a FULL 16 pages AT LEAST in order to be considered for publication—no exceptions.  For papers exceeding 60 pages, please email to discuss options. 

All papers must have been written prior to graduation from an undergraduate degree program.  Recent graduates may submit papers written during their undergraduate education for up to two years after the date of graduation.  Articles written in any official language are welcome, though authors are encouraged to verify with the Journal before submission to ensure that their paper can be reviewed.

Please note that the submission should not have been previously published nor be under consideration at another journal.  Authors are also responsible for securing permission for the use of images or other media in their submissions.  Authors may submit up to a maximum of two papers each during one submission period.  Please keep in mind that authors may publish only one article in one issue.

Submissions should be ready for blind-review and should consist of the following:

  1. The title and the abstract of your paper.  The abstract (maximum 300 words) should state and explain the topic of the paper and the way in which it contributes and relates to Comparative Literature.  This abstract should not include your name or institutional affiliation and should accompany the article in the same document.  The complete manuscript (abstract and article) should be emailed in .doc or .docx format to
  2. A separate cover letter (in the body of the email) that includes: the title of your submission, your name, institutional affiliation, current academic status (recent graduates: please note the month and year of graduation), and contact information.
  3. The author’s name and institutional affiliation should be redacted throughout the entire paper.  (Example: Please redact lines such as, ‘My thesis advisor Franco Moretti‘ because that implies your affiliation with Stanford.)  Papers containing the author’s name and institutional affiliation will require resubmission.

All complete submissions should be sent to no later than February 7 at 11:59 PM, Pacific Time.

Notification of submission status should be sent out no later than mid-May 2016.

For any further inquiries regarding submission or opportunities with the Journal, please contact or Lydia Tuan, co-Editor-in-Chief, at


Information for International Students

We understand that some universities have programs in which students go straight from secondary education to a five or six-year program. For authors enrolled in concurrent Bachelor’s/Master’s degree programs lasting five or more years, our only requirement is that you not have completed the fourth year of that program at the time of your submission.

Authors from three-year undergraduate programs (e.g. French Licence, Italian Laurea, etc.) are welcome to submit papers written during or before their terminal year of study. Authors who graduated early (e.g. completing a four-year undergraduate program in two years) are also welcome to submit papers written during or before their terminal year of study.