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Volume 5 (2): Spring 2015 Issue


Note from the Editor in Chief

Author Biographies

Cross-reading, Cross-breeding: Literary Imagination and Science in Milton’s Paradise Lost

“A Mind of Metal and Wheels”: Technology, Instrumental Reason, and Industrialization in The Lord of the Rings

Imagining the Jungle: Environmental Knowledge and the Ecuadorian Amazon in Oral and Written Literature

Hesiod and the Vedas: Succession and Sacrifice in Th. 129-192

Besieged By a Distant Woman: Women’s Assenza-Presenza in Eugenio Montalese’s The Occasions and The Storm and Other Things

“What is Comparative Literature?”

By: Rachel Park

Whenever I tell anyone that I am majoring in Comparative Literature, I inevitably get the question: “You mean English? What’s Comparative Literature? Do you just, like, compare stuff?” Of course, comparing is a fundamental aspect of the major, but for me, it is the implications of the very act of comparison that embody the nuances of Comparative Literature. Comparing, by definition, requires more than one – a view that includes an “other” – and by simply expanding the myopic vision of just one language and culture, I believe that Comparative Literature touches upon a vein in humanity that is inaccessible otherwise. Frantz Fanon, an African psychiatrist who was part of the critical negritude movement, once said that “Parler une langue; c’est assumer une culture” “To speak a language is to carry the weight of an entire culture”…

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